→ Plot dv/v

This plot shows the final output of MSNoise.

msnoise plot dvv --help

Usage:  [OPTIONS]

  Plots the dv/v (parses the dt/t results)

  Individual pairs can be plotted extra using the -p flag one or more times.

  Example: msnoise plot dvv -p ID_KWUI_ID_POSI

  Example: msnoise plot dvv -p ID_KWUI_ID_POSI -p ID_KWUI_ID_TRWI

  Remember to order stations alphabetically !

  -f, --filterid INTEGER   Filter ID
  -c, --comp TEXT          Components (ZZ, ZR,...)
  -m, --mov_stack INTEGER  Plot specific mov stacks
  -p, --pair TEXT          Plot a specific pair
  -A, --all                Show the ALL line?
  -M, --dttname TEXT       Plot M or M0?
  -s, --show BOOLEAN       Show interactively?
  -o, --outfile TEXT       Output filename (?=auto)
  --help                   Show this message and exit.


msnoise plot dvv will plot all defaults: