→ Plot REF stacks vs Distance

Plots the REF stacks vs interstation distance. This could help deciding which parameters to use in the dt/t calculation step. Passing --refilter allows to bandpass filter CCFs before plotting (new in 1.5). It is also possible to only draw CCFs for pairs including one station by passing --virtual-pair followed by the desired NET.STA (new in 1.5).

msnoise cc plot distance --help


  Plots the REFs of all pairs vs distance

  -f, --filterid INTEGER  Filter ID
  -c, --comp TEXT         Components (ZZ, ZR,...)
  -a, --ampli FLOAT       Amplification
  -s, --show BOOLEAN      Show interactively?
  -o, --outfile TEXT      Output filename (?=auto)
  -r, --refilter TEXT     Refilter CCFs before plotting (e.g. 4:8 for
                          filtering CCFs between 4.0 and 8.0 Hz. This will
                          update the plot title.
  --virtual-source TEXT   Use only pairs including this station. Format must
                          be NET.STA
  --help                  Show this message and exit.


msnoise cc plot distance will plot all defaults: